Robin Holden

Monarch Geophysical Services Ltd

January 2020 – Present: Part Time

Transitioned to a part time role at Monarch.

January 2003 – December 2019: Deputy Manager

Robin has planned and managed the acquisition and processing of numerous 2D and 3D marine surveys from many parts of the world. These have been both time and depth projects. One of the surveys included the Dual Azimuth shooting of a major salt structure in the SNS area. Robin has supervised the acquisition and processing of land surveys in UK (assisted other Monarch team members) , Central Europe and Syria. In in the last 3 years he has managed many large surveys – including the North Sea and the Black Sea.

Robin is one of our most experienced geophysicist with a diverse expertise.

Independent consultant

November 2000:

Onboard processing QC of a high-res. 3D marine survey (900km2), offshore Angola for BP Amoco for definition of possible future 4D surveys.

August 2000:

Onboard processing QC of a 3D marine survey, offshore Qatar for BP Amoco (250km2).  Near surface reef statics were a major feature in this region. He also supervised the subsequent onshore processing of that data set in Abu Dhabi.

February 2000:

In-house processing for Robertson Research on 2D land data from Pakistan.

November 1999:

To set up and initiate the processing (true amplitude) of a 3D survey in a client’s office in Jakarta on a ProMAX system for a 3D-land project.  This was a 200km2, 25million trace project acquired in a swamp area using both hydrophones and geophones.

Horizon Exploration

As the data processing manager, he had the responsibility of managing the seismic data processing on the four seismic vessels that the company operated. This was very much a multi-disciplinary role, which also included marketing, bid proposals and the processing of test lines for parameter evaluation. As the processing department was new he organised the training of all new personnel and, to assist in this, he developed training modules.

Robertson Research International

His final position was as the head of remote processing at Robertson Research International (formerly SPT).  The seismic processing software packages used for the work were ProMAX and Uniseis (proprietary).  He gained extensive experience of processing different types of data and having to make all the decisions necessary to achieve an optimum result with little or no external support. He worked on surveys in:

  • Southern Highlands, Papua New Guinea for BP and Chevron
  • Vientiane, Laos processing data from a land crew in the client’s office.
  • Offshore Cuba on board processing of a transition zone survey to monitor the acquisition and modify its parameters as necessary.
  • Offshore Qatar on board processing of a marine 3D-survey

As well as working as a processing geophysicist Robin was a lead developer for a refraction statics package.

C.R. Barber

During this period he worked as a computer programmer at C.R. Barbers, a computerised typesetting company.


For these 5 years Robin worked for GECO UK on Vibroseis field crews in North Africa and Europe, starting as an Observer, then progressed to Assistant Party Chief.


  • "The relative importance of velocities in refraction statics"; M.A. Hall & R.J. Holden. A joint paper presented at the 1990 CSEG in Calgary.


  • April 1996 – Pre-stack depth migration at GX Technology, Houston.
  • May 1992 – Presentation skills course 3 days.
  • June 1991 – System Admin course on the Sun O.S. (UNIX) 1 week.
  • October 1988 – O.G.C.I. course on seismic processing, one week.
  • June 1985 – Geoquest course on seismic acquisition, one week.
  • October 1984 – Sercel courses on CS2502 (Correlator- Stacker).


Robin Holden

Contact details

Telephone: +44 (0)1932 860118
Fax: +44 (0)1932 860106
Mobile: +44 (0)7887 751956


  • M.Sc. Exploration Geophysics, Imperial College London 1983
  • B.Sc. (Hons) Applied Physics, Cardiff 1979
  • Member of the Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain

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