Malcolm King

Monarch Technical Services
Monarch Geophysical Services Ltd (February 1991 – Present)

I created Monarch Technical Services in February 1991 after leaving Western Geophysical and converted it to Monarch Geophysical Services Ltd in 1996. Monarch Geophysical Services provides Management and Quality Control services for Seismic Data Processing.

To date I have supervised the processing of more than 100 3D surveys (MGS has managed over 380 surveys)  – both time and depth domain, the largest time domain project being 3000km2 and the largest depth domain survey being a land project covering 1600km2. In addition, numerous 2D land and marine projects have been managed. Over 20 of the 3D surveys, between 100 and 1600 km2, have been full 3D Pre-Stack Depth Migration projects and these are becoming more and more important in the development of the smaller oil and gas fields in mature areas. Over the past 3 years I have, along with a colleague, developed a methodology for building an accurate velocity-depth model as the pre-cursor to a volume Pre-Stack Depth Migration. This methodology takes into account the effects of anisotropy (VTI & TTI) and results in the final depth migration not only giving an improved image but also a closer tie to wells - in good data environments with multiple wells maximum depth errors can be as low as +/-10m. These data sets are not just a depth image but seismic data at true depths. We have been co-authors in a number of papers on depth migration at PETEX and EAGE conferences including Paris 2004 where I gave a paper on Migration Impulse Responses. I am a co-author of a paper on the processing of Dual Azimuth 3D Seismic data at the 2005 EAGE. Current work includes 4 North Sea 3D Pre-SDM projects plus a 2D Land Multi-Component processing project.

Currently, I am assisted by five very experienced geophysicists. They have their own projects but provide cover during holidays and other times of absence. In the last 5 years MGS/MTS has supervised the processing of over 120 projects covering all aspects of seismic projects.

Western Geophysical

July 1976 – January 1991: Manager Marine Data Processing, Eame

I joined Western Geophysical in 1976 as a Junior Geophysical Analyst in the land processing department and become a supervisor in that department in 1979. I was made the Manager Marine Data Processing in 1982. My duties included the successful development of the department, monitoring the technical quality of all processing carried out, preparation of tenders and the subsequent marketing of our services up to and including the completion of the contract. This involved extensive travel in Europe and Africa.

The department for which I was responsible had a turnover of approximately $12.0 million per year and employed 40 graduates and 25 technical assistants.


September 1975 – June 1976: Junior Geophysical Analyst

I worked in a land seismic processing group. The company ceased trading in June 1976.

GSI (later HGS now WESTERN)

Jan. 1974 – September 1975: Junior Geophysical Analyst

As at Digitech I was a Geophysical Analyst in a land seismic processing group.

Geo Wimpey

July 1972 – December 1973: Engineering Geologist

I left college and joined Wimpey's at their site survey laboratories. I was responsible for the geological survey of several major construction projects, the last being a 20 mile segment of the M25! I left because civil engineering was not the career I wished to follow.


Malcolm King

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British, born 1951: married with three children. I am in excellent health.


  • B.Sc. Honours Geology, London University 1973
  • Membership of the European Association of Exploration Geophysicists
  • Membership of the Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain

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