John Crawshaw

Monarch Geophysical Services Ltd

February 2012: Senior Geophysicist

John work’s as a ‘Specialist Processing’ geophysicist so as to capitalise on his experience with PGS GeoStreamer and OBC/OBN processing as well as 30+ years of seismic processing experience. He supervises all types of land and marine projects – time and depth. Recently he has work on a number of  depth migration projects as well as the planning and execution of a West African 4D Multi azimuth acquisition campaign in 2014. Our client is very pleased with the results and so we are working on a similar 4D project on adjacent fields for acquiring in 2017.


1993 – January 2012: Processing Supervisor

John has 31 years experience in seismic data processing including 21 years as Supervisor for both large and small volume 3D surface Marine, GeoStreamer and Ocean Bottom Cable surveys from UKCS, Atlantic Margins, Norway, Mediterranean, Black Sea, W. Africa, Middle East, and Asia / Pacific. Wide experience of managing projects locally and remotely (offshore). Pioneered survey merging at PGS, including the PGS CNS MegaSurvey-Plus dataset – currently 14,000 sqkm from 44 input surveys processed from field data and merged before Pre-Stack Time Migration. Experience of 3D demultiple solutions including 3D SRME as well as noise attenuation, statics, 3D regularisation and High density Residual Velocity Analysis. 18 years with PGS. Estimated 25,000 of 3D data processed in last 3 years on more than 15 projects.

Western Geophysical

1980 – November 1993: Processing Supervisor

1980 – 1981: Trainee and project Geophysicist

Participated in WGC Graduate training course, Houston, Texas

1981 – 1985 Project Leader, 2D Processing

Responsible for processing 2D Seismic surveys from field data to final products. Managed a team of up to 6 data processing geophysicists.

1985 – 1987: Project Leader, 3D Processing

Responsible for processing 2D and 3D Seismic surveys from field data to final products. Managed a team of up to 8 data processing geophysicists.

1987 – 1992: Processing Supervisor, 2D and 3D Processing

Supervising Seismic data processing projects across 4 processing teams, responsible for ensuring projects were adequately resourced and processed with technical integrity.

1992 – 1993: Processing Supervisor, Seconded to Agip (ENI)

Managed a team of experienced geophysicists. Responsible for training Agip (ENI) Data Processors in state of the art 3D processing practices and in the use of WGC software used for processing their first in-house processed 3D survey. Financial responsibility (invoicing, payroll and taxation) reporting to UK office.


John Crawshaw

Contact details

Telephone: +44 (0)1932 860118
Fax: +44 (0)1932 860106
Mobile: +44 (0)7769 261 067


  • BSc Hons Geology
  • Membership of the Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain.
  • Member of the EAGE

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